I’ve been smoking since i was 14 and now i’m 23, but today… yeah, today i decided not to smoke anymore, i’ve gave my cigarrettes to my dad and i wont test them anymore. It’s a promise i made to a really especial persona, since she have to fight a hard treatment also against another kind of “addiction”. We’ll do it together and YEAH, ACTUALLY THANKS TO BLOCK B, coz everytime i was going to lose it and everytime i wanted to throw everything through the window i just needed to listen this:


Maybe it’s sound a little stupid, they don’t even know me, but thats the meaning of music, isn’t it? Give us emotion, give us strenght and make us smile. By the way, life won’t win this fight ewe9
Hope they now how they help some people like me with their music.

[NOTICE] Block B 3rd Anniversary Messagebook - WORLDWIDE BBC!


Hey BBCs! This is a notice regarding the project we’re holding for Block B’s Anniversary!

Unfortunately, we have not had the response we were hoping for in order to fill a message book for Block B. We are willing to keep the project open until Sunday (9th) Friday (14th). If we do not receive…